You asked. Here is a long answer. More than perhaps you want, but here I am.

I AM An American who is VERY concerned.

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I was born 2/25/1942-- or so they tell me-- I was too young to remember, in a small frame

house in Sardis, Tennessee. Population at that time about 100. Today about 300.

I have traveled in Italy, France, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia, Mexico, St Kits, the Bahamas, Croatia, Denmark,

Spain, Panama, The Virgin Isles, Holland, Canada, St Thomas, Finland, Aruba, Jamaca, Cayman Islands,

Estonia, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Silicy, California (do not dare tell them they are not a country)

and some I cannot mention.

I have seen the world enough to know that socialism does not work. You cannot take from the

wealthy and give to the poor and survive very long, because the rich will give up.

I am an active Gideon. We are the people who put those Bibles in hotels, etc.

I am 73 years young. I am married--to the same woman- for 51 years.

I have 3 sons- one daughter. My daughter was an MP on the front lines in Desert Storm.

I have 5 grandsons. One grand daughter - a budding artist.

I was an orphan at age 5. I grew up in Tennessee on public welfare.

Lived as youth in Lexington, Tennessee. Got moved to Scotts Hill, Tennessee.

A town then of about 300.

Worked at something since I was 6. Dug and sold fishing worms to bait shops. Collected tin foil for sale.

Most of you do not know what tin foil was. It was used the much same way aluminum foil is used today.

The above is why I have so little patience with people who do not try to help themselves.

My charity contributions is many times Al Gore's. AND he makes a lot more money by scaring people.

I KNOW that God is still in control.

Graduated from high school in 1960 at South Side High School in Memphis, Tennessee..

Moved to New Orleans in 1960.

Have lived in same home for 38 years. My other web page here.Everything here is FREE!!!

Who am I?

Just an American who is very scared for my country.

We are too "Political Correct". We insist on playing by "the Rules" when

our enemies just laugh at us.

They believe- and maybe rightly so- that we have no spine.

We MUST stand up for THE AMERICAN WAY or for our grandchildren

there will be no America way.

Larry in New Orleans